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Professional Librarians in Primary Schools

“The most important element of an effective
school library is the person managing it”

To ensure that the library is strategically managed and developed as well as open and available to children as much as possible,  we recommend that schools employ a professional librarian for a number of (3.5 to 35) hours a week with support from a library assistant who spends 10 to 35 hours a week in the library

With HMI Ofsted expecting to see good quality libraries and ambitious expectations and support for home reading, the management of your school library with its tens of thousands of pounds worth of resources is more important than ever!

A professional librarian will:

Support children’s learning by:

  • Promoting enjoyment of, and excitement about, reading
  • Establishing skills for independent learning and assist in the delivery of information and research skills teaching in the school

Support the teaching staff by:

  • Identifying and buying quality resources for the school library and classroom libraries
  • Assisting in the delivery of information skills  and information literacy teaching in the school
  • Helping to select resources from the Schools Library Services

Support the school by:

  • Managing and promoting the school library and teacher resources, ensuring consistency and maintaining quality

Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services can provide schools with the services of a professional librarian on a regular basis
Minimum contract – one year

Call us on 020 7364 6428

“We are loving having Kaaren working with us in school. The library is developing in so many exciting ways.  We love her enthusiasm and commitment.”