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Softlink’s 2015 UK School Library Survey

In 2015 Softlink conducted the first UK wide annual school library survey. The survey results outline the initial key trends and issues facing UK school Libraries. Softlink will conduct the survey on an annual basis to develop detailed trend analysis.

Principal findings from the 2015 survey include:

  • 54% of schools feel their library is not adequately funded.
  • 36% of schools receive £5,000 or more for their library budget.
  • 52% of schools library budget has not changed from previous years.
  • 68% of school libraries have experienced no change in staffing levels from previous years.
  • One third of UK school library staff work term time only.
  • Teaching staff interaction with the library is one of the top challenges for librarians. Other highlighted challenges include reduced physical space for the library and competing with other school activities.
  • The top priority for school libraries in 2015 is to raise the profile of the school library.
  • Implementing eBooks and using online resources is a growing requirement for school libraries.

Download the UK School Library Survey Report


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