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Stretching Able Readers Training Course

There are still places available on this interactive course, led by the excellent Anne Harding.  It is aimed at class teachers, librarians, literacy coordinators, academically more able coordinators and other interested key stage 2 and 3 staff and will be held on Tuesday 19 May at Redbridge Central Library, Ilford, Essex

We will explore the needs of able readers, identify methods to engage and challenge them through reading, and examine appropriate resources and ways to exploit them effectively to gain:

  • greater understanding of the needs and potential of able readers
  • the context in terms of Ofsted, the new national curriculum, latest research and current educational thinking
  • new ideas for nurturing able readers’ talents, supporting their learning across the curriculum and increasing the breadth and depth of their reading
  • increased knowledge of appropriate books and other reading resources
  • strategies for using them to develop critical literacy, higher order thinking skills, creativity and reading enjoyment
  • extra confidence when helping able readers and their parents and carers

Course costs £99 (free to subscribers of Redbridge SLS).

Contact  to book a place or for further details


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